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Medication safety as guiding theme

GPP Support aspires to be the number one solution partner for hospitals and other healthcare institutions to optimise the pharmaceutical care in all its aspects. As an independent party, GPP Support works with pharmacists and management of institutional and hospital pharmacies, boards of directors and pharmaceutical and technology companies.

Medication safety is a guiding theme in our work. We believe in making medication services safer in an organisation that is geared to its task and knows where it is going. Together with a network of experienced project and interim managers, we offer a structural solution for any issue within our field of expertise. No customer comes back to us … with the same question!

Partners of GPP Support

Patrick van Oirschot


Patrick van OirschotPatrick van Oirschot’s background is that of an econometrist and as a medication distribution consultant he acquired extensive expertise in reorganising work processes, warehouse organisation, logistics audits and designing medication safety concepts. Thanks to this experience, Patrick has developed a distinct outlook on how a safe and efficient medication distribution system should be set up in hospitals and care institutions. In his role as a driven person ultimately responsible for projects focussing on the development of new business and change management, he devises creative ideas for work processes and new business, which he also knows how to realise and put into effect successfully. His passion: convincing people to give shape to change together

Founders of GPP Support

Arie Booij


Arie BooijArie Booij has been active in pharmaceutics since 2000. On a number of occasions, he was in charge of major change projects in hospital pharmacies aimed at improving process quality and efficiency, organisational and management methods and customer-friendly services. In addition, Arie has vast experience in setting up and organising outpatients’ clinic pharmacies. As a third area of expertise, he advised a number of large mental healthcare institutions and institutions in the nursing and care sector on organising qualitatively high pharmaceutical care at acceptable costs. Arie is always on the lookout for opportunities and possibilities in the organisation to then cooperate with professionals and management to achieve this in reality.

Toine Wamper (2020†)


Toine WamperAfter fulfilling various commercial functions, Toine Wamper was introduced to pharmaceutics in 1997 as director responsible for intermural at one of the major pharmaceutical service providers in the Netherlands. Medication safety has been an important theme for him ever since. Finding the way with the customer to obtain assurance on that process. In addition, he has acquired a wealth of knowledge and experience in optimising the logistics chain in medication distribution. His motto: optimum chain safety delivers optimum patient safety. Toine’s mainstay in cooperating with his customers is based on showing the customer why GPP Support does what it does, and what that means for the end result.