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Support with organisational development hospital pharmacy

As the board of directors of a hospital, you are ultimately responsible for an efficient medication service whereby medication and patient safety are paramount. Does your hospital pharmacy organisation have the people and the resources to meet the desired quality standard?

GPP Support is fully aware of the challenges that hospital pharmacies are currently facing. As an independent experienced specialist in the area of medication safety, we can make an important contribution to making the pharmacy organisation in your hospital or other care institution future-proof.

Management support

We support the heads of hospitals and other institutional pharmacies with advice, support and guidance, implementation and change and project management in various issues aimed at optimising the pharmaceutical care:

  • placing a suitable interim hospital pharmacy head to bring practical structure to the new organisation
  • mediation in the event of a confidence crisis and crisis management
  • making quality improvements
  • setting up work processes
  • transparent advice on the hospital pharmacy’s new role in the hospital organisation
  • hospital pharmacy conversion from budget unit/cost centre into a result-responsible unit

In consultation

In consultation with the persons directly in charge and keeping the people that work there in mind, we build an organisational structure in which quality, safety and cost efficiency combined can raise the bar.

Would you like to receive more information about GPP Support’s working method? Contact us for a non-committal consultation.