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Important market knowledge for industry aimed at pharmaceutical care

You develop products that can raise the level of the efficiency and safety of the pharmaceutical care in hospitals and other care institutions. How do you determine which development direction and market strategy are right ones?

GPP Support is the experienced and independent specialist in the area of pharmaceutical services by and for institutions. We recognise the challenges that the hospital pharmacy and other institutional pharmacies are currently facing. Because we assist pharmacists and managers of hospitals and healthcare institutions with setting up future-proof pharmaceutical care, we understand how the hospital pharmacy organisation is set up and how it functions. We are familiar with the culture and speak the hospital pharmacist's language.

Make clever use of important knowledge of your potential customers. We can assist you with:

  • positioning your product optimally in the market
  • converting a product-oriented approach into a customer-oriented approach
  • exploring new customer needs that are in line with your portfolio
  • completing your product's USPs
  • enabling your sold product to be successfully implemented in the hospital pharmacy organisation
  • research into customer groups that are best served by your product
  • research and performance measurement of your product/idea
  • advice on possible future product development directions
  • bringing parties together that, combined, can strengthen the high quality of pharmaceutical care, medication safety and efficiency

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