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Our vision




Healthcare is undergoing rapid changes, but perhaps no sector is evolving as fast as the hospital pharmacy. Hospital pharmacy leaders play a crucial role in the healthcare system. As those responsible for the development, implementation and management of the processes in the integrated pharmaceutical care chain, they must extend their leadership skills on innovation, collaboration, inspiration and education.

Unfortunately, even the best hospital pharmacists are rarely prepared for the challenges of moving into this leadership role and many pharmacy leaders do not have the necessary tools and resources to adequately address these demands. Both the development of future leaders and leadership tools are critical to the greater mission of transforming healthcare.

Watch the Pharmacy Leadership Program

In our vision, it is vitally important to know the diverse group of stakeholders encountered by a hospital pharmacist: from doctors and nurses, the board of directors and shareholders to government and healthcare insurance companies. The playing field will consist of eight domains:

human-resourcesHuman resources
finance-controlFinance & control
pharma-economicsPharma economics
medication-safetyMedication safety
medication-flowMedication flow
patient-carePatient care